Dog Training

Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Sit UpThis is a trick which may be too difficult for some dogs to complete because of physical limitations. However, terrier breeds such as Westies, Bostons, and Cairns are particularly proficient at it.

Before you begin training, it’s a good idea to test the dog’s physical limitations. To do this, first put on his leash, then pull the dog directly until he is looking at his haunches and see if he is able to hold the position for a few seconds.
Begin by having the dog sit prior to you while on his leash. Begin pulling your new puppy up with the leash while saying, “Sit up,” then drop the leash and stand back. When the dog stays up, praise him highly; otherwise, repeat the command until the trick is mastered. If necessary, you can also hold his paws up and say, “Stay!”

dog tricks
CrawlingThis command is, needless to say, one of theĀ  oddest things to view a dog do. You should start practicing the trick with the dog in the down position. Place your hands on the dog’s shoulders and hold a tasty treat near his nose. Keeping your hand in place, tell your new puppy to crawl. If he attempts to get up, place a pressure on his shoulders in order for him to know you want him to stay down.