Obedience Training

A Great Training Technique

As people search for gentle methods to discipline and train their dogs, using clickers is becoming more prominent. Your pet will become familiar with a calm and disciplined behavior that’s desirable inside a safe, humane way. Operant conditioning may be the repeating a behavior whenever a reward is offered. This is actually the premise behind clicker training. How do you use it? You may need a clicker. This is just a handheld plastic box. Metallic strip is attached. Pressing the strip leads to a sharp click.
Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

Request your pet to carry out a command, for example sit, stay, come, etc. When he is doing, click immediately and provide your pet a goody. You’re pairing the clicker with a treat.  Because the click is connected using the treat, he’ll become more likely to perform the great behavior. Eventually, you are able to phase out the treat, and that he will react to the clicking sound. After intensive raining, you will not require the clicker either.

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