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Dog Training

Agility Training for Dogs

How to Potty Train Your Dog

Agility training for canines can be a cut-throat sport backed by many distinct governing bodies such as the American Kennel Club. Canines need to get through a number of hurdles in the proper order with the aid of their trainer. Most of these obstacles, that might differ based on the competition, include leaps, tunnels as well as walkways. Pet dogs are evaluated by how quick and just how accurate they finish the obstacle course.

Agility Training for Dogs

Start training ahead of time. Young dogs, as they definitely typically show a great deal of vitality, usually are not quite prepared for agility training and could get injured when practicing for particular activities. Specialists suggest that focused agility training must not start before the canine is at least 12 months old. Basic obedience, on the other hand, is essential being a prelude to agility training and may commence as soon as your dog is 4-6 months old. Young dogs that learn basic commands such as “sit, stay, down, come and heel,” when young will fare much better when it’s time to perfect the more complex agility skills.