Analyzing Dog Food Labels

When we go for grocery on weekends, we get fond of checking food labels of products new to us and often advertised on TV. We find it confusing already even if we are familiar with the contents. How much more when we go over those of our dog’s? To aid you in looking into food labels, and differentiating them, here are some terms you might want to be familiar with:


feeding puppiesNamed ingredients. When these appear next to the name of the food, it must give you an idea that this comprises at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the product by weight.  For example, the word “Beef” was listed next to the words “Dinner”, “Entre”, “Formula”, “Nuggets”, “Platter”, and “Recipe”. Then it implies that Beef is making up at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the product.


With. If a label says “with”, such as “with beef”, then the ingredient must be three percent (3%) or more of the named ingredient.  For example “Gourmet Fillets with Beef” — the product must be three percent (3%) beef.


Flavor. If a dog food indicates a specific flavor in its label, then the food must have that flavor well represented.  With this matter, no specific criterion indicated here.

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