Are You the Alpha Dog?

Since dogs are, by character, pack creatures, the are most content when they’re assured of  a strong Alpha leader.
In case your dog perceives that you’re not a powerful leader, he’ll most likely assume the role of being the leader of the pack. Inappropriate behavior will worsen since he’ll think that he is able to do anything he pleases since he is the pack leader.
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Your time and efforts to train  your dog are determined to failure unless of course you become established as the “alpha dog”. Once he effectively completes Obedience Training, your pet will recognize you as his master or leader and will obey your commands.
When teaching Obedience Training, never punish your pet. Should you  correct his behavior, try focusing more on the problem than on the punishment. Instead of shouting at the dog (a kind of punishment), the penalty you impose ought to be more like a fast tug on his leash or simply by disregarding him for any couple of moments.