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Barney’s Problem: Itching and Scratching Doesn’t Always Mean Fleas

How to Potty Train Your Dog

Barney is, in almost every way, a healthy and loving canine. He enjoys walks in the park, just as much he enjoys curling up in front of the TV. His muscles and joints are well-managed, and he is never aggressive or confrontational. However, despite this outward display of normalcy, Barney’s coat is getting him down; he scratches constantly and the itching and irritation that hides underneath his long fur is contributing to a certain lethargy that is both frustrating and worrying.

Barney’s problem is one that will be recognisable to many dog-owners, and it’s all- too-easy to jump to the conclusion that Barney is suffering from the dreaded ‘F’ word. Sure, a healthy dose of flea treatment cannot hurt matters, but it is worth considering that the problem may lie elsewhere.

What Dogs Should and Shouldn’t Eat

Firstly, Barney would benefit greatly from adopting a healthy and wholesome new diet, and premium dog food can prove remarkably beneficial when it comes to promoting and maintaining a healthy coat. A product such as James Wellbeloved, with its hypo-allergenic formula, is great at calming itchy and irritated skin; the presence of seaweed, alfalfa and yucca is effective at calming itchy and irritated skin. Barney’s problem may not be a result of his diet, but by improving the quality of what your canine eats, you can certainly ease matters considerably.

Another potential factor that can lead to difficulties such as Barney’s, may lie with the presence of dust mites and other such irritants. The frantic nature of modern life means that many households simply lack the time to adequately fight against household allergens, and Barney’s symptoms may be a result of this. A product such as Atopica is an effective treatment for dogs who suffer with atopic dermatitis (or atopy); a diagnosed condition caused by inhalation of house dust, dust mites, and pollen grains. This treatment comes in the form of a capsule that should be given on an empty stomach, and has proven remarkably valuable in treating dogs who suffer from such allergies.

Barney’s problem is not a unique one. Many dog-owners will recognise the signs of excessive scratching, and many will see this contribute to a noticeable lack of energy. It’s worth remembering that fleas are not always the problem, and with the right knowledge, it’s not too difficult to hand Barney the solution he so desperately craves.