Dog Training

Before you buy a dog

A dog is a big responsibility. If you’re planning to buy dogs, the following are certainly important before you take a dog in the house .

Depending on the breed, an average dog is 15 years old. It is therefore important to ask yourself why you want a dog or think you might need and see what type of dog best suits you and your environment. A wrong choice could turn out nasty for you, your family and the dog.

Important issues for a prospective pet owner:

  • How much time do you spend on the dog?
  • Financial impact of dog ownership
  • The area where the dog ends up
  • What damage can the dog do?
  • Can two dogs be an option?


One of the most important aspects is the amount of time available that is time needed to dog training and care. Dogs who get bored and poor listening can cause problems. Not only for passersby or neighbors, but even within your family. You also run the risk of a lawsuit because you break the law if your dog has not sufficiently trained.

When a full time job, try at least once a day just to find the dog and let him out. If you do not stand because you are too busy, ask the neighbors if they just want to walk with him.

Big dogs, hunting dogs and dogs with a playful character are the most time-consuming. You have to play with them more and more often they go hiking. It requires a greater responsibility to make sure they are well trained.


A dog is very expensive. Ofcourse to buy initially, but do not forget to think of food, care, a gate to the garden, a kennel when you go on vacation, insurance, toys, a collar and a leash, a dog passport and medical bills.

Did you always want a St. Bernard? Think about how quiet such a big dog eat. Is your dream of a poodle dog? Think what it cost him to trim. Before deciding to adopt a dog, think carefully about the financial implications.

It is wise to make list of things you need before you take a dog. That way you get a good insight into what a dog costs. Think of the purchase price, vaccinations, dog food, collar and leash, dog (not everywhere), toys, dog, care, medical costs and possibly a kennel.Think carefully about what it will cost per month, so there are no unpleasant surprises.


Choosing a dog should largely depend on where you live and where the dog comes to live.A small flat is not suitable for a playful dog like a Border collie. It is an active breed that does a lot of running around. If you live in an apartment, then a small breed like a Bichon Frise is more appropriate. But then you have time to take the dog to walk since a garden in the city often not that great.


Equally important is the”environmental factors.”. There are large differences between races, breeders . check very carefully what kind of dog best suit the environment you have available for him