Clicker Training Info

A dog clicker is a compact box which has a metallic strip in it. If you press on the light weight aluminum part this will produce a particular clicking sound. Simply pressing the dog clicker and directing it at the pet dog is not going to do what’s required. It is used by integrating it by using an item that your pet dog loves. Clickers are generally associated with treats. Hence the initial step if you dog clicker train your canine friend would be to “charge” the training clicker to ensure that it has some significance to your pet.

You should commence the training simply by clicking it after which quickly praising your dog using a treat.

dog clickers

Through repetitive clicking as well as treating your dog begins to associate the sound of the with the treat. In just a short period of time, your pet dog will certainly think about the treat once they hear the sound. Now the sound is going to have significance to the dog. Now you can use it to shape your pet’s behavior.

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