Dog Training

Crate Train a Puppy

You need to have your dog be comfortable with staying inside the pet crate. Establish a daily schedule. For the young puppy, start with 1 hour inside the crate. When they are quiet as well as well-behaved, get them from the dog crate and compliment them. You ought to seriously go over the top if you use favorable feedback, so that your dog will likely make the connection. An excellent basic itinerary would be to feed them, wait around 10-15 minutes, drive them outside to go potty, and then put them in the crate for an hour or so. After that hour is up, bring them out in the open once again and spend an afternoon having fun with them. When your pup gets a little more mature, slowly add to the lengths of time they spend inside the dog crate. You may also bring the crate into your sleeping quarters during the night. This helps keep your puppy calm and also allow them to get accustomed to your sleeping behaviour.
crate training

Remember: consistent feedback will make it very easy to crate train your puppy. It’s much easier to get results by encouraging good behavior than it is by trying to discourage every negative behavior.