Dog Training

Crate Training

How to Potty Train Your Dog

Dog crate training will take complete advantage of your dog’s natural behavior, and this is probably an easier way as compared to trying to push your new puppy to make her potty within a particular place.

Not that the rest of the techniques aren’t effective, they actually do, so select whatever technique you might be comfortable with. What is more important is that you simply stay quiet, optimistic and patient. Yelling as well as hitting the dog will only make her frightened of you.

dog crate training

Keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with a baby. If a newborn baby messes her diaper you would never yell at her, swat her using a newspaper, or perhaps rub her nose in it, wouldn’t you? The same thing is true in this situation.

The dog does not realize that she’s done anything inappropriate. However , continue with your training and she’ll eventually get the picture. Canines are much wiser as compared to we give them credit for.