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It drives us nuts when we see our dogs pulling out diapers from the trash bins or simply eating their poop — a habit they just love to do. It disgusts us, to think that we are feeding them right but still they get extra meals from their poops. To deal with this problem, let us first understand the “why’s” of this filthy habit.

dog behaviorist Two main theories why dogs eat their poop are, one, it’s simply behavioral, and two, there’s a medical problem behind it. If it’s behavioral, keep updating your dog’s vaccinations and deworming schedules to avoid GI problems since diseases can be fecally passed. Or if you suspect a medical problem, visit your veterinarian to confirm a diagnosis.

To keep dogs from eating their poop, try the following techniques, and see which one works for you:

ü  Feed him with well-balanced and nutritious meals

ü  Feed him twice a day at regular times

ü  Ensure that your place is poop-free and keep his mouth busy with chew toys

ü  Adequately exercise and stimulate your dog mentally and physically

ü  Training your dog commands to follow — “leave it”. Be consistent and you’ll keep him obeying.

ü  Always reward a desired behavior. That’s just how they learn.

ü  When your dog is about to act on a poop, distract him.

ü  Put pineapple in his food (poop doesn’t taste good with it for them), or tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper on his poop.

Whatever you technique you try, remember to stay consistent, and you’ll soon break the habit in no time.