Dog Training

Defining Boundaries for Your Dog – an Important Lesson to Train Your Dog

When training a dog, it is important to congratulate it often, so that your dog knows the behavior that needs to display for praise and / or treatment. Dogs thrive with praise.

Especially during the early phases of this dog training, your dog will dart out and you need to remember not to run after him, but to stand still when it did that. Use your left hand for the return signal, then repeat the command heel forcefully and then followed by stroking your cuddly side.

With this dog training, it is important that the leash is folded twice and placed. If your puppy is inattentive, loudly calling his name, reaching out and playfully spanking (spanking light!). Follow this by coaxing your dog to return to your side gently pat your side.

In the early phase, you cannot train your dog to maintain heel position at your side. In these cases, put the leash on and give the leaves a reflex to keep your puppy to you. Change your vote, followed by praise or treatment and the occasional use of the leash, will ensure that your dog starts to behave appropriately and stay by your side at all times.

Dogs are pack animals and respect the hierarchy in a social context so that it is your duty to convey to your dog that you are the leader and he must obey you. This is reflected by the fact of dog obedience training. Just as you train your children how to behave and what you expect them to be considered a good parent, you must do the same thing for your dog to be considered a good dog owner. Just as the boundaries and limits must be set for children, they must be defined for your dog.