Dog Training Courses – Choosing the Best One for Your Pooch

Many dog owners find that putting their puppy (or even older dog) through some basic training is a good idea, and dog training courses are widely available in most areas.  It is invariably a smart idea to take your dog to an obedience training course that will teach him the basic commands – such as sit, come, and stay.  Dog training courses also serve another vital purpose: they give your dog time to socialize with other dogs, which is a must for training a well-rounded dog that can get along with others. And if your puppy or dog is showing signs of aggression, such as bouts of incessant barking, snarling, showing his teeth, or even biting people or other dogs, aggressive dog training is a must.

dog obedience courses

Finding dog training courses can be a simple matter when you follow the tips below:

  • Look for a training course that is limited in size.  No more than six dogs should be allowed per class session for each instructor. If the instructor has an assistant, no more than ten dogs are advisable per session. This allows for more one-on-one time for you and your furry friend to spend with the pros.
  • Choose dog training courses that are geared toward your dog’s age.  There are courses that are for puppies less than sixteen weeks of age and those that are for older, harder-to-train dogs as well.  Your dog will benefit most from the dog training course if he is in a class that is specifically for his age group.
  • Look for classes that put a big emphasis on positive reinforcement and that steer clear of punishments that a dog has no way of understanding.
  • Choose a class that provides material for you to take home with you that will reinforce what you learned in class.  This not only benefits you and helps you to remember what was taught, but it allows you to pass on the information to other family members who did not attend the dog training course with you.
  • Observe a class first, if possible.  This may help you to make a decision about whether or not you are comfortable with the dog training courses that you are considering.