Dog Training

Dog Training Tricks and Games

Dog Training Games:

After your dog has mastered the practical commands that you want him to know, you can now move onto teaching him some tricks and games. Training your dog to follow some of these commands can be a lot of fun for both of you.

  • Teaching your Dog to Fetch: Show your dog a ball while holding him on the ground. Throw the ball a few feet away. If he runs for it, great! If not, run with him. Wait until he brings you the ball, then shower him with praise (and maybe a treat). As soon as he starts bringing the ball back consistently start using the word “fetch” each time you throw it.
  • Teaching your Dog to Circle: Face your dog and hold a treat in front of him. He’ll keep his eye on it, so move it behind your back. He’ll follow the treat all the way around you. As soon as he makes it back to where he started give him the treat. After a few successful repetitions start using your command phrase.
  • Teaching your Dog to Roll Over: Use the “down” command, then kneel down beside him. Hold a treat in front of his nose, then move it behind his head. He’ll lie on his side in order to follow it, then roll over completely. Reward him, then repeat until he does this consistently.
  • Teaching your Dog to Shake: Have your dog sit, then hold his paw for a few seconds. Give him a treat and praise him when he does so while remaining seated. Soon you’ll be able to work the command “shake” in, and before long he’ll be holding up his paw without you having to reach for it first.