Dog Training

Effective Dog Obedience Training

dog barking
It is always great to have a loving, loyal pet dog companion but if you plan to get one, some compromises have to be made. Dogs aren’t “little people” or “people with fur,” it doesn’t matter how much we want to treat them as such. They “think” differently and do things differently and are creatures of instinct. They can, however, be conditioned to complete things in a certain way which is how “dog obedience training” comes in.

Start training once your dog reaches 8 weeks old, when his curiosity now extends to the environment beyond his kennel. Dog obedience training works for dogs of all ages and the myth about old dogs not learning new tricks isn’t true at all.

To make sure you start your pet on the right training path, allocate your first 2 to 3 weeks together for constant and consistent training. This should help you establish a good relationship which you can both benefit in the end.