Feeding Your Dog Right According To Your Vet

Part of responsible dog ownership is the responsibility to provide for the physiologic needs of your dogs. Food comes first among all, and not just plainly food but healthy foods able to meet their dietary needs. The American Veterinary Association says that the forty (40) percent of meat, fifty (50) percent of vegetables and ten (10) percent of grain make up the healthiest dog foods. So to assure you that your buddies are getting the right nutritional levels they need for proper growth and development, then check these five food categories for dogs:


Organic dog food

best food for dogsServing organic food would ensure you a carcinogen-free, preservative-free meal, but be sure to skim along the labels at the back if it really is organic. Vet recommends the following brands: Newman’s Own Organics, Karma Organic.


Dry foods

One featured dry dog food most recommended by vets and even other dog-owners is Innova EVO. This dog food is rich in lean protein made from turkey and chicken — a sure health-hooker and a yummy!


Wet foods

For the wet dog foods category, Eagle Pack Duck and Chicken Formula make most of the votes. Made from chicken broth and duck meat, it has always been your buddy’s favorite. It comes in an oxygen tight sealed bag and preservative-free. For leftovers, just refrigerate and serve after 48 hours. Indeed, a sure saver.


Raw foods

Getting a dose of the usual diet of the wild, dogs may enjoy this type. Raw giblets, livers, chicken neck fat and odds and ends from the butcher, raw eggs and potatoes mixed with uncooked rice, are healthy and natural foods your dog may get for a meal.


Basic dogfood

California Natural Lamb Meal & Rice, Wellness Lamb, Super5Mix and Timberwolf are just some of the most top-rated. They’re preservative-free and contents are close enough to the required 40-50-10 percent nutritional ratio.

Good foodies for the good boy. Start checking your menu and feed your buddy right.