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German Shepherd dog names

German Shepherd dog names are easy to create. There are many unique German Shepherd dog names for males and female dogs that you can use to call your pet. German Shepherds are extremely pleasant dogs as pets. With a little bit of these chosen names, you will end up with an extremely obedient and faithful dog.

Ace – Unisex – This dog will always be No 1, but don’t play cards with them!
Achilles – Male – This dog is a real hero, but keep an eye on his paws.
Hercules – Male – He was noted for his courage and strength, this dog will work hard and tirelessly for you. This name is ideal for your German Shepherd male dog.
Hunter – Male – This dog will be great for hunting and tracking.
Jade – Female – A mother’s most precious jewel, this dog will be worth everything to you.
Whisper – Unisex – This dog is as quiet as a mouse, which should please the neighbours.
Zen – Male – this dog will bring calm and peace to your house. Any German Shepherd dog will enjoy such name.

German Shepherds are large and powerful dogs that prove to be loyal companions till death. They are not only good companion dogs, but also prove to be good dogs for kids as well as guard dogs.