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German Shepherd puppies for sale today

German Shepherd puppies for sale is often seen in advertisements – in the market or online.

Surprisingly, the German Shepherd has been in existence as a distinct breed for only about 90 years. The breed traces its ancestors to a widely diverse group of sheepherding and farm dogs in Germany. In the late 19th Century, informal breeding groups of sheepherders banded together through a common interest in their dogs and attempted to produce dogs with the desired working attributes.

German Shepherd puppies for sale come from German Shepherd Breeders that are Small select breeder producing strong, sound and healthy dogs from German Bloodlines for family, show, sport or companion. They focus on super character, correct structure and rich black and red colour.

These old fashioned German Shepherds puppies are maintained the old kind of style. Health and Temperament are our goals to fit each puppy into a perfect companion family environment.