Dog Health Care

Getting The Right Brand For Your Buddy

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For us, owners, we always find ways to get the right brand for our dogs, yet it makes it hard for us to see a long line of advertisements claiming to be the right one. In going over brands, here are some things to consider in selecting and comparing them:

  • Price

Dog foods can range from 0.38 cents per day to $3 per day for gourmet organic foods. If your dog is healthy, then a cheap dog selection is fine as long as it is AAFCO certified

  • Ingredients

how to make dog food Check the label for AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) certification. It must be “complete and balanced”, equivalent to the highest level of certification

  • Organic Dog Foods and other Features

Special or specific diets are created per preference of your pets or as required by his health condition such as intolerances, food allergies or diabetes mellitus

  • Age Specific

Dog food varies as well, catering to different age group since they have different nutritional demands, as in puppies and pregnant dogs

  • AAFCO Certification

AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Officials is the organization which certifies all dog foods based on manufacturing and labeling standards. Make sure you read the labels indicating what AAFCO has to say.

Be guided and good luck in choosing the right one for your little buddy.