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How To Clicker Train Your Dog

Dog Obedience Training – Some Practical Advice

A clicker is a small box with a metal strip within. Just pressing the clicker and pointing it your dog won’t do anything whatsoever. It works by pairing it with something that your pet likes. Clickers are most often combined with food. Therefore the first step when you clicker train your pet is to “charge” the clicker so that it has some meaning to your dog.

Start the training by clicking and rewarding with treats

how to clicker train

You would start the training by clicking it after which rewarding your pet with a treat.

By repeated clicking and rewarding treats, your dog begins to associate the sound of the clicker with the dog treats. In just a short time, your pet will think of the treat when they hear the sound. Now the sound will have meaning to your dog. You can now utilize it to shape your canine’s behavior.

A fast study of Ivan Pavlov will advise you how clickers work. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian scientist studying the digestive tract. What he discovered was that whenever he paired the noise of a bell with the meat. Hearing the sound of bell, the dogs would drool. The same is true with the clicker and the treats.