How to Potty Train Your Dog

How to Potty Train a Dog: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

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Typically, pups show the same signs that they have to eliminate irrespective of their breed. They’ll sniff an area excessively, circle once or twice and squat. If you catch the pup in this behaviour take it immediately to the toilet area. Work with a simple command and tell it to “Go Potty” Or  something like that. When your pup has finished defecating you have to praise the puppy enthusiastically. Should the pup relieve itself  in your kitchen or anywhere that’s not in its designated toilet area, then you definitely should scold yourself rather than the pup. Like a baby, the pup is learning a new behaviour and requires to be guided heavily until it’s fully learned. Your duty, as a responsible dog owner, would be to teach your pet and not let it rest unattended especially when you’re trying to teach it to be house trained.
How to Potty Train Your Dog
 Feed your pup a tiny meal, then promptly take it to its toilet area. Stay with the pup until it defecates. Again, praise him if it gets it right. If your pup seems disinterested in going, position the pup back in the area and wait until he has done his own deed.
Be patient along with your puppy.  Praise heavily and enthusiastically when it gets things right. Simply say Naughty Boy or Girl when they get it wrong, but NEVER hit or yell at the pup. Doing this is likely to make the experience traumatic for your pup and you’ll end up with more problems like anxiety or urinating away from fear.