How to Potty Train your Dog the Right Way

How to Potty Train Your DogConfinement in a crate is really a tried-and-true, effective technique to Potty Train Your Dog. No dog desires to do his “business” where he sleeps. Keeping him in a crate facilitates the house training process as it’s natural to your dog to require to “hold it” while he’s inside. The crate needs to be just big enough for your dog to comfortably stay, turn around and lay down. A larger crate might tempt him to defecate on one side and sleep inside the other end with the crate. Take your puppy outside frequently (every hour or two in the beginning) so he can relieve himself and stretch his legs. After he eliminates outside, praise him immediately. Then allow him to have thirty minutes or so of free play time inside the house (closely supervised, of course) before returning him in the crate.