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How To Stop A Dog From Biting In A Few Easy Steps

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Dogs are pretty active species. They play a great deal but their play could possibly get pretty rough. The worst thing we want, though, is for our dogs to become so rough they scare and even hurt family or friends. So, if your dog exhibits a habit of wrapping his mouth around people’s hands or nipping them, you need to do something about it.

Why Dogs Nip
Dogs will begin wrapping their mouths around people when they’re young, as early as a few weeks old. Mothers will often teach them to not bite each other.

If a dog is taken away from their mother too early they may never learn to refrain from nipping or biting. Additionally, if you allow them to bite your fingers when they are still puppies they may believe it is as an acceptable behavior.

Even though the behavior will hardly ever lead to any violence or injury, it may be very stressful to children and adults alike. So, addressing the matter early is very important.

Stopping the Nips

To stop this behavior, you should teach your dog the right way to play. Step one would be to show them that you won’t respond to this behavior. When they start nipping, turn your back and ignore them. When you can get everyone in your own home to do this repeatedly, your dog will quickly learn.

The action of casting your pet dog out socially is as strong a deterrent as anything and will work quite quickly. Additionally, never get angry or violently respond for your dog’s behavior. As a result of circumstances, yelling can lead to additional aggression or possible real biting.