Dog Training

Man’s Best Friend

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Just before getting a brand new puppy home the very first time it’s advise important to check out the different breeds of dogs. Knowing a particular breed’s talents and weak points in advance can help  in making decisions. Personal living area must be considered. More compact houses do best with small dogs this is also true when the dog is going to be living inside more often than not. Breeds including beagles, the Maltese, and Yorkshire terriers are all perfect breeds for those who have small houses.

Beagle training, much like training every other big or small dog, demands daily participation. This is correct for both indoor and outside dogs. Guide dog training is restricted to young puppies that possess special skills. These special dogs exhibit certain abilities while very young that signal towards the trainer or owner that they they are able to do special tasks like guiding a blind person.  Dogs, like people, have distinct personas. Their own qualities have to be recognized for the benefit of the dog and its owner.