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Muzzle a Dog

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It is vital that the dog perceives the muzzle as a positive experience. Quite often the dog’s first encounter using a muzzle is in a stressful and fearful situation, including the vet clinic, once the dog may become aggressive or hard to handle because of fear, panic, or injury.

muzzle a dog

Therefore, it’s prudent to introduce a dog to a muzzle during a period of time, irrespective of whether you plan to muzzle the animal or not. Remember it could be essential at sometime through the dog’s life, so that you should introduce this in a non-confrontational positive manner.

muzzle dogs

Depending on which muzzle you select, you have to ensure that your dog’s muzzle experience is rewarding and positive. Most dogs will never be happy wearing a muzzle, so initially either drop a piece of food in to the basket muzzle. Your puppy will smell the foodstuff and would move forward towards the muzzle to get the food, carefully slide the muzzle in his face then immediately remove it praising and giving him a pat.