Dog Training

Pack Behavior: Facts and Fiction

Theory about the pack in recent years much Has Been written. In the 80 years this theory was very popular approach to dog behavior. In the year 1990 and after 2000, this theory has become more controversial, because dogs do not always maintain the hierarchy.

What are the results? A dog ” that is lower in the pack Sometimes obey the “pack leader.In most of the cases the Alpha dog dominates.

The pack theory is not as straightforward as it has always thought. However, the techniques of dominating the other dogs are still the same, and therefore to train dogs is still relevant.

The Alpha Dog

Each pack has a leader, who is obeyed by everyone. The leader of the pack is Usually a male (not always) and is referred to as “alpha dog”.

In an wild scenario, the alpha dog first get the best foods, so maintain aspect ratio of his physical conditioning to the herd. The alpha dog is also willing to be in a highly strategic place to sleep so he can-keep eye on it’s territory. He makes the decisions for the pack and is aggressive against foreigners in the territory of the pack.

Your dog and your family

How are theses pack animal instincts to relates to your dog and family? What impact has this instinct and how do you approach your dog?

Get practical tips from any dog instructor or animal psychologist to get your alpha status and inform if your dog disobeys and tries to undermine your status. When you effectively communicate that you are the leader, you can count on an obedient dog that earn your respect and approval every time.

There are dozens of types of body language that your dog daily use to communicate with you to clarify his temper. When you understand how your dog feels and what he wants to tell you, your relationship with him and training will have a huge progress.