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Sealing The Hole Of The Problem: How To Stop Dogs From Digging

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Have you been having holes in your lawn lately? Muddy paw prints around the house? Then I suspect your buddy must have digging problems. They because of some reasons and we have to identify these reasons and deal with them, clearly communicate with them that digging is unacceptable (most especially when you just had a new landscape). So here are a few common reasons to help you determine which one is it:

  1. He likes to dig — simple!
  2. He wants attention
  3. Boredom — he needs to have some physical and mental stimulation
  4. Trying to search for a mate (if he keeps digging under the fence)
  5. They simply love to dig in freshly-turned dirt
  6. They are attracted to fertilized dirt — they love the smell of it
  7. They dig themselves a den (like in the wild)
  8. for shelter — to cool down or warm up themselves
  9. they are bred to do so (as in Labradors and Terriers)
  10. To store food
  11. Hunting

Have you identified which one is it? Let’s move on then.


What are the two main things we need to know in training? Fairness and Consistency. After we have identified the reason why he does such act, we can now go over a solution. Got none? Try these:

ü  Give him lots of physical and mental stimulation — he’ll get tired, he won’t dig

ü  If he digs to hide bones, then don’t give him anything to bury

ü  If you can’t look after him, confine him. Do this unless you’re done with the problem

ü  Have some balloons and bury them on your dog’s favorite digging spot. When he digs and blows a balloon, it’ll pop and irritate him. This gives him a negative association.

ü  When he starts to dig and you caught him, reprimand him, associate an act like spraying on him water. He associates the act negatively — he digs, he gets sprayed at or reprimanded

ü  Fill up the holes with his poop, he won’t like it (but make sure that you put pineapples first with his food — he might feel like eating the poop you buried)

ü  Provide a digging area — he’ll figure out there’s a designated area for digging, not just anywhere

ü  If he’s digging under the fence, fill in all the holes under the fencepet training