Secret of Having a Well-Behaved Dog …

There are many commands you can use for obedience training, right here you will find the fundamental commands and the way to teach your dog to do all of them.

Sit — This is the first and most basic command you should teach a dog. Begin by gently pushing your dog’s tailĀ  lower as well as saying the term sit down.

Down – This is actually the 2nd command you want to deal with. Use this command to maintain excitable canines from jumping up on people. To coach this command for your dog tell them down whenever them begin jumping upward.

Stay- Subsequent is the stay order.

Come — ThisĀ  follows the stay command. Your pet will require a command to know when it is okay to come to a person.

Stand – This is actually the last from the fundamental instructions. Pat their hands on your chest with some excitement of your voice command “stand”.
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