Dog Training


What makes a social dog?

What makes a trained dog flexible, loving animals and another dog, well trained but unruly and annoying? This question seems difficult to answer, but it is really quite simple. The difference lies in how the dog approached in training.

The truth is that most people (even some professional dog instructur!) Mistakes in dealing with dogs make training a dog is infinitely more difficult.

Dogs are direct descendants of wolves, which are known for their pack behavior . A lesser-known factoid is that many contemporary domestic dogs still have pack instincts , even for many generations.

A herd is a group of dogs and dog behavior that showed thousands of years ago in a show—it’s members want to pack today still. In a pack there is a fixed social structure. Each member of the pack knows its place and role in the pack hierarchy. The personality and actions of a roedellid is influenced and determined by other pack members. This means that a dog in a pack knows whom to follow commands and to whom he is superior. His position in the hierarchy determines where the dog sleeps and eats, and whether he is the best or worst food gets.

The influences of the pack behavior today are just as noticeable as one thousand years ago. For example, if two dogs meet for the first meet, they determine who is superior to the other. The subordinate dog will often behave as secondary to the attitude shown. If two dogs are regarded as equal to a small battle may come to determine who is superior. They do this for a hierarchical structure of leadership to create something that a pack can not do without. Once this hierarchy is formed, it is often exists  even when they meet each other again.

In a pack are so strict social rules that dogs never break. If you learn those rules you can send them to your advantage. Your dog sees your family or your home because of his pack attitude. And depending on how you act in that pack you fall into his world but one of two categories: in his pack, you’ll be under or above him. The choice is yours

In recent years, knowledge about dog psychology has increased dramatically. The character of the dog and the dog to understand why a certain response, is very important for the dog owner.Understanding your dog is the basis for raising the animal. But outside that base, proper training methods  is equally important. Not that it is useless to an obedient child to raise in a language he does not understand, only obedience is not enough. You require proper training methods that your dog understands. Training methods in line with his way of communicating.