Stop Your Puppy Messing On The Carpet

As a pet owner you’re responsible to potty train your pet. By doing so, you will save the untidy job of cleaning your canine’s poop and pee. It is advisable to potty train your dogs when they’re still young puppies. A puppy must poop or pee 15 minutes after eating. If you do not potty train your pet, your day is going to be miserable wasting it by cleaning your pet’s dirt around your home.
How to Potty Train Dog
The initial step to toilet train your pet would be to take him towards the same place each time he must poop or pee. This can train him to identify the place by smell where he needs to return to pee or poop.

Take him outdoors on scheduled time daily. Each morning when he awakens, after meal time, after his naps and before bed time.

You have to observe your pet’s behavior before he pee or poop to understand the telltale signs  of him defecating or urinating. Dogs usually sniff the ground and squat before they poop.