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    Top Healthiest Dog Foods

    Getting too conscious on your doggy’s diet? Throw those problems out and start checking these brands: 1. Karma Organic This brand is considered ninety-five (95) percent organic. Its main source of protein is organic, free-range chicken, not “poultry by-products.” Secondary source of protein is organic brown rice, plus vitamins E and C as preservatives. 2. […] More

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    What should my puppies eat?

    Puppies, fragile as they are, they need to be given utmost attention, most especially when it comes to their nutrition. These little ones have immature systems and need to be given extra care, their intake should be able to supply enough their dietary needs to meet growth and development demands. Put in mind that these […] More

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    Getting More Mix of These Fun Dog Food Recipes

    Can’t get enough of home-made dog foods? Well, here are more recipes that you can try to get his little tummy running and his tail wagging. BUFFALOAF Ingredients 3 cups ground buffalo (lean) or ground turkey, chicken or beef 2 eggs 1 ½ cups old-fashioned oats ¾ cup grated mixed vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, carrots, sweet […] More

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    Top Five Dog Food Brands

    It has always been a problem to us, dog owners, on what to feed our best buds with the variety of dog foods available in the market. Well, I hope this could help you narrow your list and get to the brand you want for your dogs: Orijen. A recognized very high grade grain-free dry […] More

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    Going Grain-Free For Your Doggy

    According to the American Veterinary Association, the healthiest dog foods are made of forty percent (40%) meat, fifty percent (50%) vegetables and ten percent (10%) grain. But if your buddy is suffering from grain intolerance, better go for lower than the required ten percent or go zero to be safe. I know it’s taxing to […] More

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    Getting The Right Brand For Your Buddy

    For us, owners, we always find ways to get the right brand for our dogs, yet it makes it hard for us to see a long line of advertisements claiming to be the right one. In going over brands, here are some things to consider in selecting and comparing them: Price Dog foods can range […] More

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    Analyzing Dog Food Labels

    When we go for grocery on weekends, we get fond of checking food labels of products new to us and often advertised on TV. We find it confusing already even if we are familiar with the contents. How much more when we go over those of our dog’s? To aid you in looking into food […] More