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    Top Five Behavioral Problems of Dogs

    Dogs, like us, have behavioral problems and here are the top five problems we usually encounter living with these mutts. 1. Barking Barking is part of the canine nature but an excessive display of it makes it a problem. Before you act on the problem, know why your dog barks too much. He may be alerting […] More

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    Sibling Rivalry — Understanding It And Controlling It

    “Sibling rivalry” is a term we use to connote dog-to-dog aggression in the household. It has always been a big problem especially to those having more than one dog at home. Getting stuck with their fights not only drives you mad and crazy but threatens you and your family’s safety. As a responsible dog owner, […] More

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    Snacks for Your Little Vegetarian Buddy

    According to the American Veterinary Association, the healthiest meals of dogs are comprised of forty percent (40%) meat, fifty percent (50%) vegetables and ten percent (10%) grain. But if you want to get him go veggie, then you can try meat substitutes without getting the nutritional requirement ratio affected. Meat substitutes you can try as […] More

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    Feeding Your Dog Right According To Your Vet

    Part of responsible dog ownership is the responsibility to provide for the physiologic needs of your dogs. Food comes first among all, and not just plainly food but healthy foods able to meet their dietary needs. The American Veterinary Association says that the forty (40) percent of meat, fifty (50) percent of vegetables and ten […] More

  • How to Potty Train Your Dog

    Understanding the Barking Problem

    It gives us headaches when we can’t quit our dogs from barking — it’s never easy to deal with and we end up getting angry over our pets. The best way to deal with this problem is to trace the root cause of it. Why do dogs bark? Dogs bark to express their needs or […] More