The ‘Direct’ Toilet Training Method

The first thing each morning get your pet dog outdoors into the backyard and then wait around for a few minutes or even an hour until he will wee or poo after which reward him. Several trainers advise the use of words such as ‘good wee’ or ‘good poop’ while others suggest a ‘well done’. Make sure you make use of a particular compliment term instead of just ‘good boy’ because you actually don’t want your pet to feel ‘good boy’ implies you would like him to wee or perhaps poop!

toilet training

Repeat this after he has had his food or had a drink and after you have played with him. Should your dog does not wee or poop after a couple of minutes then get your pet back inside and then you could try once more soon after an hour however , be on the lookout to be sure he doesn’t go inside your home. And finally get him outdoors last thing before going to sleep every evening.