Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

Potty training your puppy could be a challenging time for you personally, but there are some tips for potty training a puppy you could follow to ensure this important transition occurs smoothly with no accidents.
Obedience Training
Housebreaking a puppy should only take a couple of weeks, as long as you are consistent and dedicated to the task at hand. You need to train your puppy from the moment you take him in to your home, as re-training a mature dog can be tough.

Your dog has to learn where his designated toilet area is. It can be in the garden or anywhere outside the house. Take your pet outside on the leash and let him go to the designated area. Stand quietly so that you don’t distract him and, when he begins to relieve himself, praise him using a chosen phrase, for example “good job!”. If the pup has not defecated after about five minutes, take him back inside and check out again later.