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Tips in Crate Training

How to Potty Train Your Dog
The most important thing in crate training a puppy is to have him get used to being in it. For a young puppy, start with one hour inside the crate. If they’re quiet and well-behaved, take them out of the crate and praise them. It is critical to really go over the very best when working with positive feedback, which means that your puppy is likely to make the bond.
Tips in Crate Training
A great basic schedule is to feed them, wait 10-15 minutes, drive them outside to potty, then put them in the crate for about an hour. After that, bring the puppy outside again and spend time having fun with our puppy. As your puppy gets a little older, gradually increase the length of time they spend in the crate. This helps maintain your puppy calm and also let them get used to your sleeping patterns.

Remember: consistent feedback will make it very easy to crate train your dog. It’s easier to obtain results by encouraging good behavior compared to by trying to discourage every negative behavior