Toilet Training a Puppy

Establishing a schedule is essential to regulate your puppy’s waking-up time and bed time.You can expect your dog to be able to control his bladder for eight hours when asleep. Young pups will require naps during the day, so that you need to ensure your schedule is accommodating to their age.

As soon as your pup wakes up, take him outside, preferably on a leash, to let him relieve himself. An important tip for housebreaking a puppy is always to keep in mind that if he had a bad fight or had a rough play session, he might need to relieve himself.

If you catch your pup relieving himself inside, loudly and firmly say “No!”, or clap both hands before his face. Picking him up may also lead him to stop. It then becomes crucial that you get him outside to complete the job in his designated area.

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