Toilet Training a Puppy When You Live in an Apartment Part 1

House training a puppy when you live in a condo might have its own unique problems. There are numerous guidelines if you are house breaking your dog plus you’ve got a yard that you have immediate access to. However, there are many puppy owners that live in high rise apartments who are trying to find simple housebreaking methods suited  for their own environment.
Obedience Training
An excellent tip for toilet training your puppy – do not rub your new pup’s nose in the mess he has made, or physically punish him. This may not teach your dog never to urinate inside – it will simply teach him to refrain from doing it in front of you. Keeping your dog entertained is an additional good tip for housebreaking. While you are inside and busy with television or chores, give your dog some toys to play with.

Like potty training a toddler, you can be positive that there will be a few accidents here and there. Reward your dog for a nice job and this will teach him which behavior pleases you. I hope you have enjoyed these guidelines for potty training a puppy.

How to Potty Train Your Dog