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Toilet Training Your Dog is Easy

training your dog
Potty training your furry friend is definitely an easy job if completed with the right amount of dedication and patience. A total commitment will be needed out of your side to achieve in teaching your puppy the appropriate destination to pee and poop. Similarly, you have to bear in mind that your pet may take quite a long time to understand things. So, you need to show patience and be tolerant with his actions.
How to Potty Train Dog
Remember to praise your pet each time he urinates or defecates on the designated place. However, you need to take into account that certain accidents may occur, while your furry friend is still within the learning stage. In case your dog continues making mistakes, you can make use of a crate or perhaps a leash. This may teach your new puppy to pee or poop in the area allotted for this. Don’t ever physically punish your dog for his wrongdoing. At the end of the day you need to remember that he is just a dog, who is still learning.

Your pet must recognize an absolute word or phrase every time he must pee or poop. You are to say “go outdoors and poop”, by repeating this phrase¬† your pet will recognize this like a command every time he must poop or pee.