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A dominant dog is one who clearly show you that she or he can’t be bossed around. While a completely independent dog only ignores your instructions, a dominant dog will never be afraid to show their discontent in things they do not like.
Dominant dogs are natural leaders. With one of these dogs, you have to prove yourself first before she or he recognizes your authority otherwise you will be bossed around by an animal. Some signs and symptoms of dominance can include one or more of the following: Shows defensive behavior when protecting territory, meals or toys. Shows readiness to fight back. Growls or button snaps when they’re not permitted to complete what they need or want.

Dominant dogs are trainable. Despite their fearsome and irritable character, you may make them obey your instructions throughout your dog training periods and beyond. All that you should do is establish your role as the one that supports the alpha position. You have to establish your authority through reasonable actions and you will find that anything else follows. When the leadership problem is clearly established, your dog training periods goes on easily with no troubles!