Dog Training

Training a Dog With a Clicker

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The first step with dog clicker training is just to have your pet get used to the thought that a mere click signifies a treat. To get this done you have to take the pup as well as the platter of treats into a secluded area and after that click the clicker. If your dog will look at you it is time for you to give the treat. You need to keep this up for many times – 10 or 15 ought to be enough – up to the point when your pet understands the idea that a click means a sweet treat.

dog training

That is the very first step in training your dog with a clicker.

The second step is to click and then reward when your pet is doing something right. This may be to stay, lie down, head outside to go potty or go to sleep. The significant thought is that you ‘click’ at the same time when your pet does something.