Dog Training

Treating the Jumping Problem

Getting annoyed of being jumped at and getting pawmarks on your clothes? Break the jumping mania before somebody gets knocked off.

training a dogIn treating the jumping behavior of dogs, you have to first know why they are into such behavior. Below are the following reasons to explain such:


  • They’re simply excited — it just shows that they’re happy to see you
  • Your dogs are seeking attention
  • To assert dominance over you and your guests — rare but it happens

Dogs couldn’t get the idea that jumping is not acceptable, or inappropriate at some point. It becomes a challenge to the owner to relay the message that it is


Correct the behavior before it’s too late. How? Try some of these tips:


  • Start as early as possible — better prevent behavior problems as early as possible
  • Communicate with your dog clearly, implying that the behavior is unaccepted, and always remember to be consistent
  • Never reward the dog that jumps on people by giving them the attention they want. This sticks to them the idea that rewarded behavior is reinforced behavior


Always be consistent with your actions, and you’ll see results soon.