Dog Training

Understanding Dog Behavior

Understanding dog behavior is an essential part of dog training. When you better understand your dog’s behavior it will also be easier to feed him properly. What is natural dog behavior, what does it mean and how do you deal with it?

Most of us see the dog as a member of the family and we often treat our dog like a human. But dogs are not people and therefore it is important to understand their nature and behavior make them as good ways to teach.

Learn the different positions and expressions of your dog to interpret. Do you interpret if your dog is happy or sad or scared or if he feels confident of themselves? If you know how your dog feels, you can avoid many problems.

If you observe your dog well, you will see that he’s happy, sad, scared or sure of themselves can be very interesting. Find out how your dog feels. You can also consult efficient dog instructor to learn the emotion and behavior of your dog.

I want company!

Elongated and interrupted bark with long intervals between each bark. Your dog will feel alone. If your dog puts his paw on your knee, he wants your attention.

I am the boss!

If a dog bites the leash if you exit, or bite your hand he tries to challenge you. Stay calm and let him in a quiet way that this behavior is not allowed.

I have pain!

High and short high-short yelp or bark means a sudden pain when the pain is intense and your dog will howl with regular intervals. It is better to consult your vet.

I am the best!

Your dog shows sure of themselves with a straight posture, tail up and he moves slowly. His ears are upright and relaxed; his gaze is direct with clenched pupils.

I’m scared!

Your dog will be a submissive attitude, and quickly moves his tail between his legs. He can bark at and staving off what frightens him.

There is something I do not like about

Continuous and rapid succession barking means harsh tone. When the tone goes down and the continuous barking, he has seen an alien or a threat and is ready for the defense. As soon as he barks with pauses warns of possible problems and he wants the boss to investigate in.

I want to play!

Broken bark to medium-hard tone. If your dog with his front paws layer is forward, with the hind legs high and his head low to the ground, he wants to play.

I am in the “seventh heaven”

If your dog rolls over on his back with his eyes closed and breath, it means that your dog is feeling very satisfied. Dogs can smile: their mouth is half open and relaxed with their tongues a little visible.