Dog Training

Understanding the Barking Problem

How to Potty Train Your Dog

It gives us headaches when we can’t quit our dogs from barking — it’s never easy to deal with and we end up getting angry over our pets. The best way to deal with this problem is to trace the root cause of it. Why do dogs bark?

training your dog Dogs bark to express their needs or their excitement, some to express territoriality, or to alert others of impending danger. Some dogs are bred to bark, as for terriers and hounds. Some, if they are isolated or separated or trapped, or with other animals, or simply need your attention.

To stop the barking problem, you need to keep in mind the cause of the barking, show him you are the alpha, and clearly communicate with your dog. If you want to modify the behavior, especially on excessive barking, relay to your dog what is accepted and what is not, reinforce the acceptable behavior — convey a clear and consistent message to your dog at all times.