Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Buddy With Some Skin From A Turkey

Having some leftovers from a reunion? Well, these leftovers, if their too much for us, they’d head off to buddy’s tray. But be careful on what you put to his tray. If you Turkey leftovers, strip of the skin and let him get all the meat. You’ll know why when you continue reading this.

healthiest dog foodTurkey skin is known to have very high fat content. Digesting this may cause a large load for the pancreas to work, and eventually get inflamed. The dog gets Pancreatitis. If the inflammation goes to severe level, autodigestion of the surrounding organs may possibly result as the pancreatic enzymes get released in large number, causing a permanently damaged pancreas. Symptoms may include a very painful abdomen, abdominal distention, lack of appetite, depression, dehydration, a ‘hunched up’ posture, vomiting, diarrhea and yellow, greasy stool. Fever often accompanies these symptoms.

History-taking, a physical exam, and laboratory testing are used to diagnose the condition. Laboratory results usually reflect an increased level of pancreatic enzymes, amylase and lipase, in the serum. Liver enzymes may also increase as soon as the liver gets affected. The white blood cell count is generally increased in acute pancreatitis.

To treat this condition, IV fluids are given in large amounts, since these mutts are dehydrated and have lost a large amount of body fluids. In severe conditions, shock may result. IV administration of diluted salt solutions is done then. Stop the intake of water and food to rest the pancreas for at least 24 hours during the treatment. After a couple of days, best food for dogs and water intake may be slowly initiated with best food for dogs low in fat and easy to digest.

So be careful on what you give to your dog, his health is always your responsibility.