Dog Training

Your Dog is Judging You

Obedience Training

Every dog ​​ judges you with different criteria to determine your leadership. And you do not sole leader for life. You must show the dog constantly you deserve to be leader. Your dog gives you precisely the respect you deserve!

How to tell if your dog respect you as leader?

Ask yourself if you can control, direct or prohibit behaviors (especially in stressful situations).
Are you with access to all resources without it challenging you? And is he confident that you will provide protection from threats and does it defer to you in these situations?

A hierarchy exists to warn of the conflict.

It’s up to you to ensure the health of your dog. And it implies that you are a benevolent leader and responsible.

I’m sure you’re glad you do not need to physically handle your dog. Instead, you can work the following suggestions:

Teach your dog self-control by ignoring the negative and aggressive behaviors and reinforcing calm demeanor.
During the walks, “be” with your dog, be proactive, and watch the dog and the world. Manage conflict situations.
Control resources, or resume control of resources by causing the dog to give and leave all things and get out of bed etc… If you ask. In addition, make a list of all the things your dog loves. For example, candy, his meals, access to the outside, lie on the sofa, toys etc … Check his access to all things favored. Let him access only after he has worked for you. Use behaviors like “sit” “down”, “here” and so on. And ask for his cooperation. Your dog will become more motivated to work with you, because he understands that you control access to all things favored.
Be consistent from time to time, and don’t ignore your dog.
Train your dog using positive methods. If he knows a lot of behavior, it has many options to cooperate with you!